Screenlife Brings Our Desktops Into Films

28 August 2018

Russian director and producer Timur Bekmambetov, along with the filming of the traditional “big” cinema, intends to continue working on the development and popularization of his own innovation – sreenlife or desktop cinema – which, he believes, has a great future.

“After I started making these screenlife films it’s going to be difficult to return to the world of traditional cinema. Now it is more interesting and exciting for me to explore this new film genre,” the director said.

The first such picture of Bekmambetov’s BAZELEVS studio was the film “Remove from Friends” (2014) directed by Levan Gabriadze, which was being developed exclusively on the computer screen. This year follows the films “Profile”, “Search”, “Remove from Friends 2” and “Dnyukha”, created by technology, which is also often called a movie on the screen or desktop movie. All events are shown through the prism of social networks and instant messengers, video calls, viewing of clips on the sites of streaming video.

You can watch all the screenlife films mentioned in our online movie theatre