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Record your online world

Unleash your creativity. Captivate your audience. Create and share clickable screen videos

SL Recorder explained
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Screenlife in action
Hit “record” in the Chrome extension to start recording your interactive video.
Perfect your video in the online editor. (COMING SOON)
Post, embed, or email your screenlife recording to share it with the world
Connect with your audience. Communicate with watchers and create your own fan-community.


In-browser recorder

Record your Chrome session with audio/video commentary

Online editor (coming soon)

Quickly edit your screen videos, including in-video links, buttons, and forms.

Clickable videos

Captivate your audience with interactive screen videos.

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1 year ago
Learning Videos - Badana...
sarahellis 241 views
Mortal Kombat - Video Ga...
Chris Markle 399 views
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What our users say
A new, more engaging storytelling format
Tell stories like it’s 2018
Using screenlife, a blogger can give readers a peek inside his/her screen world.
Better Engagement
Interactive videos are up to 50% more engaging than regular videos.
Make HQ content without breaking your budget.
Highly Shareable
Screenlife videos are easy to share through social media, embeds, or URLs.
One-click Install
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